Eliminate Warpage and Bending in Injection Molding

As you able to see how warpage form and why in my previous project : http://feasolution.com/warpage-in-plastic-injection-molding/

In this project i will show you how runner systems took big part on manufacturing good plastic products. in injection molding industry.

I have marker case model with four cavities in it. Existing product have heavily bending on side direction. Especially in bottom area of the part. They have submarine-type bottom gate on the mold.


Then i proposed to change gate design accordingly. See below picture.

Above design was pretty simple, i just lower the positions of the gate. There were not much modifications on mold cavity.

It was about more than 50 percent improvement on warpage/bending performance! The deformation was scaled ten times to examine real feeling of deformation direction. In new design even we have warpage in uniform direction.



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